Airport Managing Director

Posted by marmara on March 25, 2019

Cuban Santa Clara for the first time in the program of the holiday airline Frankfurt, 11 November 2013 Dr. Michael Kerkloh, Chairman of the Board of Flughafen Munchen GmbH, and Achim Lameyer, head of foreign sales of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, gave today officially announced the launch of the new connection from Munich (MUC) to Santa Clara (SNU). Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There was double cause for celebration by the simultaneous maiden flight to Montego Bay (MBJ), Jamaica. Condor is the only airline in Europe, non-stop flying to Santa Clara. The fork flight route from Munich to Santa Clara, then Montego Bay back to Munich. After short speeches, the link was officially opened by the band average before the first flight cake was cut. In their holiday destination, a dance group agreed a passengers on the Caribbean rhythms. Achim Lameyer said at the event: Condor offers a great selection of interesting holiday destinations, Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Montego Bay, or the Dominican Republic their guests from Munich and Cancun in Mexico about exotic destinations such as Mauritius, the Indian Goa and Mombasa.

Munich is important for Condor due to economic advantages over the previously only German departure port for the long haul in Frankfurt. We hope that our offer on the long haul remains well assumes that we can position ourselves successfully also in the long term.” Airport Managing Director Dr. Michael Kerkloh is pleased with the increased commitment of airline: the decision of Condor for our airport reveals once again that our partners place great confidence in Munich on the airline side. They do that quite rightly I am firmly convinced, that the Condor will be a great response with its new long-haul capacity in Munich on the medium it does anyway for a long time.” See footage of Condor and the first flight event newsroom Santa Clara, after landing the machine in Santa Clara, welcome the guests with cocktails and typical music were Cuba welcomed by the Tourism Office of Cuba.

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Tag Heuer

Posted by marmara on March 24, 2019

With abounding adventuresomeness and apish design, admittance to be absurdly admired acclimatized presents as they. Does The reason for still crumbling time? Yield activity afresh and purchase an able one! Tag Heuer is really Billy inside of the watch for bigger than a century niche. A leading source for info: BSA. It’s really to well-respected accession have pioneered innovations in timepieces abounding. Their online writing are advertised in the news by such celebrities simply because tennis pro Maria Sharapova and therefore the abounding golfer Wagering action. Tag Heuer has sponsored abounding caper events. Tag Heuer Watches are an able admired throughout the watch industry accurate commodity.

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Although a pilgrim is a traveller usually motivated by a religious motivation, I wanted to do the simile with travel because travel can get to become a religion, in the sense of the feelings of reverence that inspires some people. If you are a regular at airports (experience that is certainly not anything pleasurable in itself), you will notice that although Queen discomfort by long hours of waiting, not reflected fully in the face of the generality of travellers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out BSA. And travel passionate equally to men, women and children and the expectation of the trip, it dilutes any present discomfort. Read more here: Nieman Lab. I often teach my family the truth that we are citizens of the world. The reality is that there are no real boundaries between peoples, they are only there for organizational and political reasons.

When traveling for pleasure, the illusion of the journey inspires us to be more open, more tolerant, more creative. Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If the language is another, we worry about learning some phrases in that language before traveling, if conditions climatic There are others, we completely changed our way of dressing. It is to say that each one of our vacation means an experience different, usually rich in positive experiences that help to our emotional and spiritual growth. While travel represent a generally high investment, the pleasure generated by the same experience makes us plan follows from the very moment of the return. Why is becoming more popular the idea of belonging to a holiday club that abarate us these costs and to have the guarantee of repeating the experience of traveling more often. I love feeling me Pilgrim without borders. I know that I am passing through this world, so why keep me always in the same place? As a citizen of the world, I am entitled to explore it. Travel aided by a holiday club keeps me inspired by the pleasure of touring other parts of my world.

I do not intend to belittle the roots. You don’t want to become nomadic. I know that for the stability of my family I should be impeached in any country, but I like to know what is only circumstantial. Holidays to other countries make me feel renewed, excited to discover new sectors of my world to then return to which currently occupy it and reassess it. Why travel makes me feel a pilgrim without borders. Greetings, Aura living should be something more than exist enjoy the wonders that we give God!

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CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg

Posted by marmara on March 22, 2019

Young trainees organize a “Bavarian evening”: test and practice test for the prospective aides, cooks and professionals in the hospitality industry, as well as for two pupils of vocational preparation in the CJD youth village for Offenburg: young people created together with their trainers, a hearty “Bavarian evening”. Gerold Muller from Appenweier, otherwise, entertained the approximately 50 guests with a mix of Alpine music from Wolfgang Ambros with the cult band whistle cover combo to Hubert von Goisern. The young people, who presented themselves for the evening in typical costume, arose the opportunity to put their skills under realistic conditions prove: an important experience for the students in the third year of training who tackle their practical test and thus the final spurt of their training time in a few days. So the “Bavarian evening” not only on a table decoration in typical white blue were guests. The diverse buffet young people served cold and warm specialities from the region beyond the Weisswurstaquators, Radi and coleslaw, up to knuckle, meat loaf ‘ and crust roast. Gerold Muller delighted with songs in dialect – by Peter Cornelius, Georg Danzer, Rainhard Fendrich, Wolfgang Ambros and Hubert von Goisern. So he gave some classics from the Rustical “Der Watzmann calls” as among the best as “Weil i di mog” or “If a heart have wia a mine”.

On special request of the audience, he played “Long live the Zentralfriedhof”. With Hape Germanys “Winter time in Vienna”, the Appenweirer showed its melancholic side. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from BSA. Within the framework of the existing four years event series “culture & enjoyment in the CJD youth village for Offenburg” the “Bavarian evening” was a real premiere. Since 2009, regional artists, musicians and authors at the youth village restaurant at the pond saw be held three to four times a year. According to the relevant theme or the cultural offer young people and educators make a perfect culinary setting. Mark Buhler, head of the CJD Jugenddorf Christophorusschule Offenburg and co-initiator of the series, announced the next event for the late 2013.

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Posted by marmara on March 19, 2019

Electronics architecture, modelling and control of internal combustion engines, transmissions and hybrid drives from the model to the implementation: Modern drive management for combustion and hybrid engines in every modern vehicle (car and truck) are today responsible a wide variety of computer-aided measurement, control and diagnostic functions for the engine management of the combustion engine. The complexity of the management systems rises sharply with ever-expanding requirements for increased performance while declining consumption and emissions. In addition, the addition of electric motors in hybrid vehicles requires the consideration of the overall system of Powertrain and vehicle. Without appropriate simulation techniques, anything goes today. “The Conference electronic management of vehicle drives electronics architecture, modelling and control of internal combustion engines, transmission and hybrid drives” on the 8 9.4.2014 in Frankfurt/Main is an overview of the architecture and function development of engine control systems and on the current status of modelling and simulation of internal combustion engines. Several contributions describe methods for the efficient measurement and modelling of stationary and dynamic characteristics of internal combustion engines and hybrid powertrains and their implementation on engine test stands. Various examples of model-based design of monitoring and control of petrol and diesel engines and their application for the exhaust aftertreatment in detail are described. The characteristics of the hybrid are taken into account with contributions to control and functional architecture, modelling and simulation, as well as to optimize energy and battery management. Well-known companies and universities support the Conference with a contribution.

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Anders Behring

Posted by marmara on March 15, 2019

The Norwegians reproach to the police who took an hour to get to Utoya. Police took place this Sunday raided in Oslo at the suspicion of the existence of a floor with explosives. There were six detainees, who were released after confirming that they had no relationship with the double bombing. The maximum sentence for the detainee by the double attack is 21 years. For more information see this site: David Delrahim. The detainee used the most damaging ammunition, prohibited even in wars.

Thus he prepared Anders Behring attacks. He collected his ideas and motivations for committing crimes in a manifesto. Norway lives astonished the national tragedy of a double bomb attack with 93 dead. Norwegian police has dndido this Sunday his intervention in the island of Utoya, which killed 86 people after a massacre by a Christian fundamentalist. Agents prevented many deaths because that was the author of the attack much ammunition at the time of arrest. At a press conference, a police spokesman acknowledged that they received the first alert message on the Shootout at the 17.26 (15.26 GMT) hours, but that the first ctive not arrived on the island until the 18.25 hours (16.25 GMT), had first to confirm the notice and then get a boat. The Norwegian authorities are dndian of criticism from the media for its passivity and delay while 600 young people lived the hell of a massacre and at least 86 lost life by gunfire. About security measures on the island, which had only a security guard service (who died by gunfire), the police did not want to speak out.

The most damaging ammunition official spokesman explained the raid carried out this Sunday at noon East of Oslo. Six people were arrested, although in the span of an hour they were released, to rule out his involvement in the double bombing. The reason for the RAID, as they explained, was the suspicion that the confessed author, Anders Behring Breivik, possessed a property with explosives where the operation has been developed, but finally not found nothing.

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Park AG Dog

Posted by marmara on March 14, 2019

In the former cardboard factory in the Berna industrial and services park dancing dogs. On 14 and 15 September 2013 your dog dance held the dog dance troupe ‘DogDance Bern’ tournament. Under the responsibility of the tournament by Christine Szakacs, DogDanc Bern the international DogDance presented tournament in Bern. More than 50 dancers presented the experienced DogDance judges spectacular dog dances with stunning choreography. Regulations which the DDI DogDance international E.v. as a basis for DogDance established tournaments was established after the international DogDance. “According to the regulations of the DogDance International (DDI), DogDance has Bern” under the direction of Christine Szakacs and her team the international DogDance tournament in the former cardboard factory in the Berna industrial and services Park AG “played. Christine and her tireless team of aides had a splendid location, a superb ring and a great sound system.

Many viewers were able to admire the performances of more than 50 DogDance – Starter/innen free of charge. Was well catered for sustenance. The dog-man teams in total harmony is moving with rhythmic sounds or gentle Mozart. Almost seemed to forget that years of training and head work for man and dog go ahead participate in a canine freestyle tournament. “Was launched in the categories DogDance” and Heelwork to music “(footwork / foot positions to the music).

On Saturday, the 14th of September were the professionals (official class) on the series. Here started the seniors, class 1, class 2, the largest dance class 3 and the dancers in Heelwork to music. “On Sunday, the 15th of September I was practice day time”. There, each dancing couple immediately received an oral assessment to the dance after the performance of the judges. What is canine freestyle? If four or more feet and two feet on the dance floors are circling, the hearts of dog fans beat faster. A team of dog and man turns, jumps and runs to the music and delighted the audience with great tricks, spectacular deposits and great Choreographies.

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The Constitution

Posted by marmara on March 9, 2019

And article 17.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and political rights: () no one shall be subjected from arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation. Policies constitutions of the countries of our region we find this right with somewhat varied nominations but with the same content, well, the previous Bolivian Constitution, compared the House with an inviolable asylum, expressly specifying their exceptions; the Chilean Constitution deals with the topic as inviolability of home, sending its exception to the legal rules. Colombian and Ecuadorian constitutions do address the issue as a protection of the home and its inviolability. The Constitution of Venezuela is perhaps the most accurate in terms of the protection of this right implies, in its article 47 accurate domestic household, the home, and all person’s private premises are inviolable. Not may be raided, but by a court order, to prevent the perpetration of a crime or to comply with decisions that dictate the courts, in accordance with the law while respecting the dignity of the human being. The inviolability of the home (called home, House) is a constitutional right which finds its basis in the private life of persons, which is not limited only to the protection of property, but also, and above all, the need to protect private and intimate life of those who live in such address. And not only protects against physical violations but also, and in this its accuracy against any type of interference on the sphere of private life developed in the physical space that comprises the domicile. Contact information is here: BSA. Original author and source of the article..

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Francisco Pizarro

Posted by marmara on March 8, 2019

THE small MAKYAC CUSHAC mother of TUPAC ISAAC I born almost in the hands of his mother Yusaac, Cussi Rampi’s mother. Product of furtive love between the maiden of the Panaka more respectable and that it was the administering of the Inkas dairies in the region of the Ll’uchus, and a Spanish that came with Francisco Pizarro. Vivian in Samana Yunga; rich in fruit trees and where the real Kapak nam passed. This Spanish quedose in the community of the Ll’uchus to take the gold that drew in quiruvilca and had to whom to give to the Commander of Pizarro. The Spanish name Juan of God, was a former student of priests Augustinians who could not continue their studies, for being very humble family and scarce economic resources; so it chose to ship them from Spain to the company which advertised the Pizarros. Although her family did not have good references of them being illiterate, uneducated, lazy and troublemaker, beodos customary.

He arrived with the Augustinian priests to keep at Bay the successive uprisings that were Dried apricots against invasion, but they were protected in communities Caxamarcas, their allies, which stopped the acechos to his tenure in these regions. In Samana lived Cussi Rampi, daughter of Amaru Yupanqui, Tupac Yupanqui’s brother and uncle of Wascar and Atawalpa, who were fighting the fringe of the Tawantisuyu by rancor of the two installments. It was the most beautiful flower, many Sinchis wanted it, but she wouldn’t let that none have hopes to their pretensions. Checking article sources yields David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA as a relevant resource throughout. She and her family had always have ready the fringes when passed the brother who was in charge of the Government of the Tawantisuyu, also embroider on the tocapus regards its passage through those lands which were dominated by the fierce cullies or chukus. Small Makyac Cuchac, was born with the best wishes of the stars, that surprised him at the Amauta Catequil, because he believed that taking also into his blood of the white Wiracochas, they should be bad omen, but what he saw led him that she would hope to the world of the Andes.

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Organizacional Culture

Posted by marmara on March 5, 2019

If to intend to get really expressive and sustainable improvements on the climate, we will need to invest in programs practical capable to intervine in what &#039 happens; ' of the skin for dentro' ' of the people, and that, therefore, they are not limited to offer only theories, models and concepts. Structuralized programs, that prioritize the otimizao of the productive behaviors through the reduction of stress and reactivity, as well as of the increase of the discernment and well-being of the collaborator. Nieman Lab follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Thus, we initiate a process in chain that starts with the improvement of the climate of the individual and that the organizacional culture will be able to culminate with the evolution of all. Perhaps you are thinking that everything this at least is complicated. The things were really well simpler at that time where the productivity problems could be decided with the squeeze of some screws. Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

But the truth is that the market evolved very in these last years and, if the company desires to guarantee its place to the sun in this new scene, a tip to increase the productivity is to invest in the improvement of the organizacional climate through the improvement of the climate of the people. The understanding of the relation between the organizacional culture and the organizacional climate is essential for the good application of the tool, based on the concept of organizacional climate that can be modified and be influenced by the manager, through the correct application of research of organizacional climate, and others tools. The influence of the Organizacional Culture in the Processes of Change the Psychologist in the organizations also is responsible for the organizacional development, a set of projected techniques to help the organizations to move for better. It helps the employees to improve its performance and to interact with its friends of work of more efficient form through principles and mannering procedures.

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