Posted by marmara on November 3, 2017

The life of every child in preschool is based on deliberate alternation of physical and mental pressures of different species and forms of its activity. The time allotted to the organized activities of a child are reasonably related to insufficient time for rest, relaxation, relax, meet their personal agendas and interests. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. At the same time teachers take into account not only the age of the children, but also their individual characteristics, physical and psycho-emotional status. Educators plan activities of children so that they learn to fit in time allocate their forces to coordinate their actions with other children, to show the will and effort, begun to bring it to the end. These qualities in the near future in many ways to help your child at school, it will be necessary basis success in the future. Educators think through and regulate the organization of cognitive games and activities, alternating with the physical training, mobile games and other activities.

For the treatment of children use of breathing exercises and gymnastics to enhance the muscular, the self contribute to the development of different muscle groups, the correction of violations, removal of fatigue. In conversations in the classroom and children learn from educators to follow the daily routine, how to maintain the health, the skills of culture, habits, strengthening his body. At the beginning of the school year is a physical diagnosis and emotional condition of the child, which allows you to design an individual route of a child, contributing to the conservation and development of health.

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