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Posted by marmara on June 28, 2015

Software development affect – close interlocking of customer requirements and to adapt software development gevis exact to future market developments of individual sectors to the further development of the materials management solution company for ERP systems took place at the Munster-based GWS mbH an extension of the previous Advisory Committee. \”It will be in addition to the Advisory Board of Raiffeisen\” a Board wholesale and retail \”type. Task of the new Panel, whose 20 Vertreter represent currently 3.5 billion turnover and 4,400 staff, is to enable strategic software development, to advise the optimization of service processes or customer information. Very close toothing of customer specifications and software development, the GWS proves once again her extraordinary and very successful business model. In addition to the regular cooperation in advisory councils include also a special software usage model on rental basis as well as the opportunity to become a member in a GWS conveyor and Beteiligungs EC and so directly from the company’s development to benefit. According to Helmut Benefader, CEO of GWS, the new Advisory Board wholesale and retail has great strategic importance. As he made clear in the meeting, the participants would have the task and opportunity to present general industry requirements and their expectations in the sessions.

Bundled this flow then into long-term development planning. As Managing Director, called the reflection of importance should be aware in addition to positive suggestions here. \”Benefader literally: the cross-industry experience in the Advisory Board of wholesale and retail will help all involved to identify synergies and to use, still better to make new developments, to form especially coming business processes still adequate in the software.\” Background of this statement is the special software concept of the Munster: In contrast to other providers, their software every time must be customized to the processes of a customer, this provides standard figure of industry-standard business transactions from the trade front.

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