Archaeological Soundings

Posted by marmara on September 24, 2018

Introduction the present Document aims at to give to know the results of the carried through archaeological intervention under the form of soundings of diagnosis in Sobreiras 1, in Portimo. The carried through archaeological works met foreseen in the Notebook of Incubencies of the Taken over on a contract basis one of Construction of the Porting and Residential Complex of the Abrupt declivity of the Rodrigo whose Owner of Workmanship, and Contractor executant, is the Lena Engineering and Construction. The same ones had been carried through of form to verify the existence of occupation levels in situ, having in consideration that the Small farm Sobreiras 1, registered in cadastre with CNS 11775, if deals with a house in taipa, currently in ruins, next to which if they found you would sing characteristics of Modern time. In the eventuality of this identification, the archaeological works had, still, for objectivos the characterization and the crono-cultural integration of the context in study, as well as the evaluation of its scientific potential and state of conservation. Read additional details here: Nieman Foundation. The intervention, of scientific responsibility of the Signatory, jointly with C. Aniceto, was efectivada in field enters days 29 of September and 7 of October of 2009. Legal framing the archaeological works had made to fulfill the National Legislation in vigor. Namely: Law n 13/85, of 6 of July – Law of the Portuguese Cultural Patrimnio (Old); Decree n 270/99, of 15 of July – Regulation of Archaeological Works; Law n 19/2000, of 10 of August – Alteration to the Law n 13/85 of 6 of July and to the Decree n 164/97 of 27 of June; Decree n 287/2000, of 10 of November – Alteration to the Decree n 270/99 of 15 of July. Antecedents the appointed Small farm of Sobreiras 1, registered in cadastre with CNS 11775, was identified in 1997 in elapsing of the prospections carried through in the scope of the General Plan of Urbanization of the UP1? Ford/Valley of France, Portimo (1997), of the responsibility of the Arqt Mrio Varela Gomes.

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