Posted by marmara on December 3, 2018

Regardless of ideological differences, here instead of building bridges, raise walls, hinder the understanding and torpedeamos communication, taking measures so pathetic and esperpenticas, as the use interpreters to translate languages that only are co-official in the autonomous communities where minorities are used when all of the Spaniards, talked and we understand each other in a common language that is only used by six hundred millions of human beings around the world: the Spanish. Dr. Neal Barnard will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And this, the evident deterioration which always involves the mediation of an interpreter, according to their culture and deep knowledge of the language, amen sometimes move the true and exact meaning of a sentence, a Word, a concept, its participation, with inevitably subtract freshness, spontaneity, nerve and liveliness to the debate. IE: convert the same in a poorly written farce, worse represented and hardly understood. Our politicians, because of the spurious interests of party, give back to the logic and interest ignored that language is the natural environment of union and knowledge between individuals and not an element of separation, which in the end does not give another fruit that isolation and with it, the cultural and economic impoverishment of a village. But there is an elite minority, feed of false nationalism, looking to continue exploiting its rooted personal privileges, continue in tongues a pretext that differ them from the rest.

In the course of time, the language has never been Homogenizer basis than from origin to a nationality or ethnic identity. We have the example in English and the Spanish that hundreds of millions of human beings speak and for that reason do not feel of ethnic unity, nor the need for members to be considered members of a single nation. Therefore, this argument can not serve sustenance to apply any kind of discrimination. On the contrary, the annals of any population, are a consequence and active demonstration of a permanent mixture among peoples and as a consequence, enriching diversity in all its expressions: racial, linguistic, legal and not a lesser extent tradition idiosyncrasy.

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