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Posted by marmara on May 5, 2017

They say before me that a society without the popular esteretipos and types is a society deceased and without favour; I say the reason for which the mulato and the black not them accepted. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The esteretipos are placed in a social group to amuse the social group that exerts the power in the society, are placed to delimit and to incapacitate a group socially inferiorizado, an example: the indian is sluggish, the black is vagabond and the mulato is a little of each thing. If the esteretipos exist, inevitably, go to place them in another social group, because the mulato is known of more accepting them. ng Control of Your Diabetes. Not accepted the intelligent black to be called negro or any thing delimits that it, because this intelligent black knows of the historical weight that for behind of this word and characterizes that it socially. The reply for this question it is a done phrase: ‘ ‘ to call a white German is not preconception, now, to call a black and negro is. BECAUSE IT IS PRECONCEPTION? .

It is preconception because in the word negro and in other words that are not necessary to pronounce, are loaded of esteretipos that had been constructed throughout history, and that the proper black accepted for lack, necessity and illusion of being accepted, and in certain appreciated way. The esteretipos possess this power to delude, to give excluded to a false illusion of that it accepted and is appreciated: an example clearly is malandro and the mulata that still possesss this illusion of that they are accepted. It is not difficult to observe that malandro was accepted until the moment that was convenient and beneficial accepted it as a product of the popular culture, but what the social group which this malandro belongs, earned exactly with this caricature of itself? Absolutely nothing, not to be plus one estereotipo they delimit that them. So that it serves this today malandro? Now the mulata serves and very! It is enough that this mulata continues with its maddening rebolado that it will continue serving for some thing. They had said me to a time that the mulatas are hotter than the white women, I asked to this individual: _ Where you imagine this mulata working? I myself I answered: _ Certainly this its mulata idealized sexually does not work as manager of the Bank of Brazil; certainly this its idealized and hot mulata is a prostitute of esquina or any another thing excludes that it to worthy participate of the Society, and that blond one that it is not very hot to its way to see, where to you imagines it working? Certainly in some at least worthy place! This is the reason for which the not accepted black the esteretipos. When we call a German German we are in relating only its physical characteristics, now, when we call a black negro, we make over again all the historical esteretipos and preconceptions that have for behind of this word. It is enough to remember to the synonymous associates the word negro who had been constructed throughout history.

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