Managing Director Johannes Artner

Posted by marmara on May 30, 2023

6.500.000 Euro revenue could be generated from January through December of last year. The leader in innovation with exciting details waiting for 2013. We have surpassed its revenue target for 2012 and could increase the last year’s sales. Get more background information with materials from Center For Responsible Lending. I am pleased that I can deliver positive numbers in my first year as Director of SONAX Austria. This positive result is due to the long-term structure and a good transfer.

And also in the wine year we plan a lot,”the SONAX Austria attracts Managing Director Johannes Artner promising balance. opinions as well. Innovation-trio with the new product series red summer”is on the market at SONAX and seamlessly continues the success story of the last year. Because the expansion of the product range, a new generation of car care was born. The CockpitPfleger cleans and cares all plastics in the Interior of the car silicone – and solvent-free, does this even more special and antistatic. The CarShampoo assists in the manually wash and throws dirt quickly and thoroughly, creates during the ScheibenReiniger in a matter of seconds clear without stripes and streaks.

And all three have one together: the ultimate energy fragrance experience. Easter is the true start of the Autoreinigungssaison every year. “Fit at this time, we present the product series red summer, which resonates especially among young audiences”, as Johannes Artner. SONAX defines Screenwash new long is responsible for SONAX of the windshield cleaners not only for clean views while driving. Depending on the season, he adjusts to the needs of the time. In the winter the windshield cleaners, for example, in addition to a clear vision must also provide stripes and streaks freedom and in a matter of seconds. Also stress cracks and blind spots on sensitive headlight lenses are thanks to SONAX passe. In the spring, then changes the challenge on the Screenwash. And although the rapid free of insects, oil and silicone contamination is here in addition to optical purity in absolute paint, Rubber and plastic compatibility.

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