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Chronic headache, generalized muscular pain. Modifications in the arterial pressure (hipotenso or hipertenso). Hemoglubinria. Cough, dispnia, taquipnia, cianose. Urticria, redness, edema located or generalized. Badly? to be general, agitation, sensation of heat. Nauseas, vomits, diarria.

Signals of septicemia (fever, severe tremor, hipotermia, cardiac bankruptcy). Anaphylactic shock. 3,7 NURSING ASSISTANCE the assistance of nursing to the givers must be come back mainly to the planning, organization execution of the techniques and activities of nursing offered this clientele, before, during and after the procedure. Being of basic importance for the success of the transfusion. For if dealing with a procedure that is not total exempt of risks, although the all the cares, the transfunsionais reactions can after occur soon the beginning of the transfusion and up to 30 days later.

Of this form, it must be attempted against for some reactions, therefore nor always it is easy to identify them, and to the times they are so light that they pass unobserved. Therefore the patient per 30 minutes of the ending of the transfusion must itself be observed. Therefore, it must be attended and to all guide the giver during the collection process, communicating any alteration and taking measured as protocol, to be verifying vital signals and to write down in the nursing comments is the correct form of if preventing intercorrncia. However if the intercorrncias will be inevitable, the best behavior are to direct it the doctor. 4,0 METHODOLOGY will be carried through in day 22 and 23 of February of 2011 a trot the health to the colleges student of the courses of nursing and fisioterapia that if to make use to donate blood, in the intention to save lives. We will go to give a lecture to the freshmen with it I assist of the date show, videos and sensitization messages, later to carry through a trot to not the givers where they will have that to give a return in the FASB with the posters saying that they are not givers, after the accomplishment of the trot we will go with the givers ties the UNISANG, where they will have a basic feeding before and after the donation.

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