Protecting Nature

Posted by marmara on September 6, 2018

Criticism is the emergence of organizations to defend nature and noted for his removal, the creation of its plot, similar to the position of churches and sects where God is an exclusive product of his mark, is applauded the formation of these organizations without doubt, but isolation is not acceptable when there is an alleged common purpose, "to protect nature." Governments worldwide have institutions and ministries focused on government policies to protect nature, even so, often depends, political patronage accommodating interest leaving behind the creativity and the ability to group these organizations, by the way it should be said Some receive financial support in terms of creativity is referred to if there is such a rapprochement between public and private organizations, mostly nonprofit, scope would be more consistent and profitable for everyone. Similarly, the lack of creativity is not allowed to see the possibilities that science gives us to propose an artificial industrialization of recoverable valuable resource we have, there are a number of other possibilities that can be implemented such as: – scientific research from artificial recoverable resource – creation of laboratories homonatropicos Popular – massify permanent conservation awareness and achieve a new way of acting, a change of attitude The road ahead is long but very interesting to projecting changes in all spheres of our life where it is including flora and fauna we as a whole. Credit: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine-2011. The Homonatropia not exclude anything human creed, even gunpowder, depleted uranium and enriched, ie the processing of uranium for "peaceful purposes", everything can have a purpose other than that has now, destructive harmful, unknown contaminants and may be products whose use and consumption is implementation beneficial to all. .

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