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Posted by marmara on March 23, 2014

All the companies, have credit to the Formation, that varies half in dependency of the number of working of the previous year and than they have quoted. How we can know to the credit del that we arrange? Diverse forms exist to know the credit available for the company, in the first place we must to fix us to the average Platilla of workers of the previous year. If one is between 1 and 5 workers, the credit available for this 420 year is always of. If Plantilla mediates, it is superior to 6 workers (incl.) we must pay attention then to which we have quoted the previous year. We will take Wage the Mass Gross we multiplied and it by 0,07%, this amount is an approach than we have quoted by formation. Now we return to Average Plantilla and we will consider that if this is of 6 to 9 workers, we will have the 100% of the previous amount, if it is of 10 to 49 workers, of 75%, if it is from 50 to 249 of 60% and if it has but of 250 workers it is of 50%.

Another form to know the credit available, is using the application Telematics that the Tripartite Foundation makes our available in its page Web through a Simulator of credit. How to conduct discounted formative battles? The formative actions, can be discounted of two different forms, from the own company, acceding to the application Telematics of Tripartite foundation, we can always beforehand carry out the advantages of all the courses realised within our company, knowing, the amounts that we can discount of each course and as we must realise it. On the other hand, we can have the subcontracted service, through any company credited by the Tripartite Foundation like Organizing Organization. Or, the own Center of Formation, where we realised the course, can be credited by the Tripartite Foundation as Organizing Organization to transact the Advantages and this can carry out them, as it is our case. All our courses and masters, can be realised using the credit to the Formation of the Tripartite Foundation, reason why all those companies that have the sufficient credit, will be able to recover all the amount of the course masters that realises. You want more information about our courses? It accedes here to our Catalogue of Formation In addition, if you wish but information about the Tripartite Foundation for the accomplishment of some of our courses, you can ask for but information to us through Catalogue online.

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