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Posted by marmara on October 25, 2023

Many times we find programs of free distribution and open source that we are surprised by its powerful capabilities and save us, incidentally, the financial outlay to acquire a commercial software to accomplish the same task. The case that we are discussing in this article is an FTP program called FileZilla which covers an area of work in which we all have ever to participate: transfer files from our pages to the server, procedure that uses the FTP protocol which means File Transfer Protocol, if someone didn’t know. Cararacteristicas of the programme the programme is developed for the Windows platform, valid for all versions, from Windows 95 to XP. As discussed on the page of the product, it is designed to withstand the maximum features, always taking care of speed and ensuring a stable environment. Main features include support for Spanish language during the execution of the program, not the installer, not offering that possibility.

Also with the the best FTP software features: – capacity to continue interrupted downloads – FTP – ability to maintain site manager tool live connection with the FTP – support for work with firewalls – HTTP1 and SOCKS4/5 support. 1. Secure connections SSL and SFTP – tail of uploads and downloads – support for Drag & Drop (drag and drop) – ability to work with multiple connections our opinion first printing that has given us the program is that it is extremely fast and handles the connections that gives pleasure to upload files as fast as possible. We can always configure if we want to use multiple connections or not, what offers us the possibility to choose the best method. The second detail we found is a very similar to that of other programs, even improved interface to the classic Cute FTP. Configuration interface and the visible Windows can be quickly adjusted with the menu bar, which gives it versatility in different environments and different customs of users.

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